Finding a Sports Medicine Specialist

You wore the protective gear, you fastened your shoes tight, you warmed up properly and you didn’t push yourself over the limit. But still, you’ve suffered an injury.

Unfortunately, your body doesn’t play by the same rules as your sport. Even taking all the precautions doesn’t always protect you against fractures, strains, muscle pain or tendon damage.

If you’ve suffered a sports injury then you may be looking for sports medicine specialists in Richmond or wherever you may be

Am I out of the game? Though - in some cases - it may seem tempting to put off seeing a doctor, it’s vitally important that you stop competing or taking part in any strenuous physical activity until you have sought medical advice from a professional. I went to Ortho Virginia and it was the best move I could have made when I strained my ankle. There are many, many qualifies specialists out there. Just find the one you like the best because you might find yourself returning for follow-up visits.

By ignoring an injury, you may end up doing yourself even more serious damage which could put an end to your athletic career for good.

How qualified are sports medicine specialists? Sports medicine specialists treat all variety of sport-related injury: sprained ankles, torn muscles, twisted ligaments or bone fractures to name but a few. Most commonly, however, sports medicine specialists treat injury which occurs through overuse: It has been estimated that over half the injuries treated by specialists are due to repetitive strain and stress on the muscles and joints. Because repetitive injuries develop slowly over time, you may at first be unsure as to whether you really need to consult a medical specialist, but it’s extremely important that you do.

The sports medicine specialists who treat sport-related musculoskeletal injuries are also known as ‘orthopedic doctors’. These are fully trained specialists with a great deal of training and practical experience. If you’re looking for sports medicine specialists, then you should look specifically for those orthopedic doctors who are specialized in sports injuries.


My name is Gary B. I have lived in Richmond Virginia for about a decade and just recently got back into fitness. Knowing how hard that was, I thought I'd share some tips that helped me along the way.

I'll start this site where I should have started my newfound love of sports and fitness - with a sports doctor. If I could do it all over, I would have found one and had a check up or physical before hitting the gym. That said; this is your chance to gain from my pain.

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Where to Go for Swimming Lessons in Central Virginia

If you’re wondering where you can go for swimming lessons in Central Virginia, you won’t have far to look. Many swimming coaches now offer classes at shared facilities, but with personalized schedules. The real consideration is which location to choose.

Public Pools

These are the most economical option because these are generally free to join. You may have to pay certain fees but the cost is nominal and won’t break your bank. Of course, you’ll have to think about peak times and lean times because you won’t ever have the pool to yourself; the best thing you can do is to ask at the desk about when the pool is relatively free of floating bodies!

Membership Pools and Swim Clubs

I can swim, but not nearly as well as some people I’ve seen at the beach. I finally bit the bullet and signed up for swimming lessons at the Greater Richmond Aquatics Partnership (GRAP for short) and it was the best move I could have made. I learned what I’ve been doing wrong all these years and now I enjoy my time in the pool and at the beach much more.

Hotel Pools

Some hotels allow outside guests to use the pool for a fee, and this fee will likely be somewhere in between a public pool and a private club. Depending on the location, you can get some very good deals at off-the-beaten-track hotels – especially during the lean season. Planning your swimming lessons in Central Virginia around these periods is a good way to save money and get access to a decent pool, too.

Sports Facilities

Another off-beat option is a nearby sports facility that has a swimming pool. Although you may have times when the pool is off-limits to outsiders, these facilities are usually of an international standard. If your instructor can get you into one of these, there’s nothing like it.

Massage for Fitness and Fun

Okay, this one is not just about sports and fitness, but a whole other kind of fun; massage. What started as a sports massage to ease a strained muscle quickly became monthly visits to help keep my body limber. And here’s a good way to get your (less active) friends to accompany you and maybe even become interested in some of your other activities. After all, the main reason I got back into sports was to have some human interaction outside of work. Here’s the selling point…

A good massage spa will usually have everything you need for a day or weekend of complete rest and relaxation. I go to either of two local franchise spas in Richmond; Massage Envy Willow Lawn and Massage Envy Short Pump. But you can make finding a new spa an adventure to be shared with friends.

Organize a Dutch Spa Day

You don’t have to pay everyone’s tab with this idea. Simply get your friends to agree to pay for whatever treatment they choose, so they can go as lavish or inexpensive as they want. All of you can have a great day together, and you can even try and negotiate a group discount so everyone pays less than if they went on their own.

Treat your Spouse to a Weekend Getaway

Imagine the look on your spouse’s face when they see that you’ve just got them a gift weekend and a snazzy spa in town! This is an ideal gift for a spouse that works day in and day out without rest – either at home or at the office. It is thoughtful, too, so lots of brownie point opportunities for you!

Organize a Spa Party

Try a day at the spa as a theme for a daytime party for a group of adults. It is a unique idea that is sure to be a hit with all your guests. This time around, though, you will have to foot the bill, but hey, what a beautifully pedicured foot it will be! Besides, group discounts might apply, making it a not-so-expensive party where you can even ask the spa to arrange special food treats for your guests while they’re getting their massages and socializing.

These are all great ideas that you could try out – it’ll soon catch on as the “in” thing to do, and you’ll get all the credit when your friends, spouse and guests all line up to go to the same massage spa later on.